Art in Ton is: texts
philosophy about fine arts


As I understand Fine Arts , they are primarily a game with elements:

  •  Earth (in the form of clay, pigments, stone, plaster, wood, metal, etc.)
  •  Water (it creates the ideal consistency of some material) air (for the drying process)
  •  Light (in the form of fire, color and gloss)

Art respects life as a movement - of our Spirit, our body and our emotions. Art displays this parts of life in their own way.

Creation process captures these perceived and experienced moments.

It reflects the unity of their diversity as well as the diversity of their unit, in harmony with nature - or admonishing refrering.

While designing a work of art I occupy myself with this movement of life in order to understand it, by feeling with my hands.

In a playful way I develop my work of art, which tells different stories:

  •  About me as an artist and my emotions
  •  About the moment
  •  About itself and its development
  •  But it always lets space for its viewers - for interpretation and to find himself in it.

In summary: art is life, art shows life as a kind of art and everyone may experience art for itself.