Art in Ton is: Plastic Art of Ceramics, Fine Art of Pictures
-and- German Lyrics


Welcome to the web page of Art in Ton, my artist's atelier in Mühlbeck-Friedersdorf!

Something is happening in Mühlbeck-Friedersdorf!
Germany's first village of books currently has 8 second-hand bookshops. In addition fine arts are located in Thonicum, a private studio of ceramics and changing exhibitions at cafe´KaffeeSatz. Since September 2015 you can also find there my new artist's atelier Art in Ton.

Plastic Art of Ceramics, Fine Art of Pictures - every piece is unique!
I'am creating sculptures, figurines, mural reliefs and masks made of ceramics, water colors, acrylic pictures on canvas, collages made of pennaceous and drawings of charcoal, crayon and pencil.

In my youth I started painting and since then the 2 dimensional arts where my most important way of expressing myself. Recently the third dimension became more important for me. Here clay is my material of choice.

I form figurines, that shows my inner dialog with that life. My sculptures shows the beholders my playfully handling with the material clay and the outcoming plastic.

Since my studio is located in Germany's first village of books, I also publish some German words and lyrics of my own.

I invite you, to visit my arts - plastics, pictures and words on a virtual tour!


30/07/2016 11:35